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Service Offerings

  • Blockchain Wallets: Launch a standalone cold wallet for cryptocurrencies or incorporate a secure multi-coin blockchain wallet into your existing product. Our blockchain development team will make it fully secure to use.
  • Smart Contracts: Wave goodbye to the low-value, repetitive operational processes. Get our team on board to develop self-executing smart contracts that cannot be breached, compromised, or disregarded. Conduct secure, fast, and reliable transactions without intermediaries
  • Decentralized Applications: Break into a brand new world of decentralized apps that run on open standards. Deploy new user-centered products on public blockchain networks. Reduce operational costs, boost customer data security and eliminate any centralized points of failure.
  • Blockchain-based Marketplaces: The technological nature of blockchain as a shared ledger naturally facilitates the creation of P2P, B2B, and B2C marketplaces. Explore the new reality of a “shared economy” where every transaction is cryptographically protected, transparent, fraud-free, and low-cost.
  • Business blockchain platforms: Supply chain management, provenance tracking, digital identity management, healthcare data storage, automated insurance quotes, or voting – market-ready business blockchain use cases are multiplying.

Business Benefits

  • Transactions are simplified by eliminating the need for intermediaries;
  • Changes in public chains of blocks are publicly available for all parties, which ensures a high level of transparency and transaction stability.
  • Decentralized networks make the system resistant to cyber attacks.
  • The use of smart contracts can significantly improve business performance.
  • All transactions are built in the form of a continuous chain, which excludes data falsification. Data cannot be overwritten.


Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Stellar, Truffle, Blockstack.